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Natural light and authentic elements form the common thread”

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Balanced design and detail work, that's how our partner Studio Anja Vissers distinguishes itself. They specialise in designing unique spaces for interior projects and contemporary villa construction for both renovation and new build projects. Furthermore, they are known for realising both residential and contemporary villas but also sleek and minimalistic homes.In doing so, she always strives for sleek and minimalistic homes in order to achieve a warm and homely interior, so that the client can relax.

In 1996 Anja Vissers founded her eponymous studio, which has since grown into a group of (interior) architects. Vissers followed an interior design course in evening classes and obtained a Master's degree in Architectural Studies, after which she went on to study Monuments and Landscapes. This has allowed her to think of ways in which old and new can coexist, as she has a great appreciation for combining contemporary design while preserving authentic elements. The studio very quickly grew into a renowned design agency with extensive and varied experience. The team consists of architects and interior designers where there is constant interaction. In all their projects, they take the entire environment into consideration and try to create a balanced design with clean lines. In addition, their creations are filled with natural light and are always realised with authentic and natural materials. This results in contemporary villas with class and top quality where a warm feeling of home prevails. A harmonious whole is always created because interior and exterior are perfectly attuned to each other, this originates from a balanced design. They are therefore convinced that the interior is inextricably linked to the architectural style of a house. Their architectural projects include warm and cosy interiors where functionality, spaciousness, aesthetics and comfort are optimally combined. For the client, the building stress remains completely limited because the studio goes for an all-in-one approach. In doing so, they coordinate everything and take care of all aspects of building or renovating down to the last detail. That is why their top priority is to guide their clients through all the processes. At Studio Anja Vissers, you will always find the perfect balance of professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the studio has already more than two decades of experience in creating architecture and interior design that is perfectly tailored to the client. With their enthusiastic team, they can transform any project into a creation where a peaceful dynamic takes centre stage.

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