Vincent Van Duysen

Purity in aesthetics.”

  • Architecture & development

Vincent Van Duysen is certainly no stranger in our design world and he has also made a well-deserved name for himself abroad. With his beautiful, serene projects, he always shows his unparalleled talent and great passion for his profession.

The talented designer comes from Lokeren and studied at the Sint Lucas art college in Ghent. His projects are now known all over the world. Van Duysen's successful career and beautiful designs have already led to some impressive monographs. Van Duysen carries out various projects, both residential and commercial. Because each project is unique, he doesn't really have a favourite. But if he had to choose one, he would say his own home: "An urban oasis, my place to relax." His works include both architecture and interior design, as well as objects with the same key elements that are important to him: form, geometric order and context. His ultimate goal is always to improve the quality of the 'abitare', the lives of those who experience it. He has many sources of inspiration and was greatly influenced by Modernist architects whose work was a cross-over of fluidity, sensuality and material substance. Think of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Luis Barragán, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Dom Hans van der Laan and Peter Zumthor. According to Van Duysen, there are too many to mention.

"Getting to the heart of the matter, achieving authenticity, simplicity and purity"

Vincent Van Duysen's architectural and interior designs radiate serenity, simplicity and sobriety and are truly sublime. The designer has a perfect understanding of the architectural essence. In his timeless work we see a clear embrace of the technical achievements of Modernism and a recognisable, consistent style.

Header image: VVD II Attic, photography by Kasia Gatkowska
Image 2: Central: The Original Store, photography by DOF Skyground
Image 3: Image courtesy of Serax
Images 4-5: VR Apartement, photography by Frederik Vercruysse
Image 6: DLC Residence, photography by Hélène Binet
Images 7-9: Casa M/The Village, images courtesy of Salvatori


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