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Inspired by possibilities and the process but above all focused on the result. ”

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Architecture & interior design firm nōmar architects has already blazed a fine trail despite its young age. In their forward-thinking designs, good interaction between the residents and the environment is crucial and they seek a personalised way of living. We will regularly immerse our readers in their beautifully finished projects and are happy to introduce them.

The architecture & interior firm approaches architecture as an interactive process, whereby designs are developed through extensive studies of different scenarios that slowly condense into one strong idea. In each project, founders Justine Byltiauw and Tim Belaen strive to create visionary, site-specific and sensory architecture that makes a positive contribution to living this architecture. Their projects do not endorse a specific style, but rather an inclusive and innovative way of thinking. The couple believes that generosity is expressed through careful dialogue with both specific users and the complex environment in which they work.

In addition, their architecture is highly progressive, always aiming to bring the client's ambitions to life while providing lifelong added value for the users and the local context. The dialogue is central. This applies both to nōmar architects' internal design process and to their interaction with clients and external advisors. Knowledge is an essential design parameter, from determining an overall design strategy to the final choice of materials. The firm considers care for the environment, awareness of resources, sound project finance, social responsibility and good craftsmanship to be essential elements of our work. Above all, nōmar architects takes its clients along from start to finish in order to create a powerful story that provides a valuable response to their pre-defined needs and wishes.

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