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To design a residence that perfectly suits the lifestyle of the clients, an interior architect has to understand what the life of the residents looks like. By listening carefully to them, Justien Lescouhier manages to create projects that evoke a visual tranquillity. Materials with a soul play an important role in this.

For interior architect Justien Lescouhier, a design is only successful when the customer feels good in it. The client’s personality therefore forms the main starting point in each project. A good match between the two parties is essential as well. During the first meeting, the interior designer looks for a personal story. How does the client get up in the morning, what are their hobbies, and do they like cooking and receiving guests are important questions. By listening carefully and fully understanding the residents, a customised design is created that brings intense happiness. After all, the interior designer believes that an interior in which every detail feels right is good for your mental well-being. This is also her best advice for her colleagues: believe that architecture can have a major positive impact on your life. In her designs, Justien likes to work with durable, characterful materials that exude a certain soul, such as natural stone, marble, artisanal painting techniques, and woods. Continuing those materials throughout the home and creating a harmonious interplay of lines brings visual tranquility. For the interior designer, materials should evoke emotions and bring a soul to the home. She strongly believes in getting the overall picture right and finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Everyday life is a great source of inspiration in her designs. By carefully observing architecture, fashion, and people and studying everything around, for example, the best ideas come about. In recent years, Justien developed a very personal style, with concepts that are often unlike anything else and are invariably appreciated by her clients. The big breakthrough came with a residential project where she had the chance to meet many partners, which led to a lot of new insights and unique opportunities and experiences. ‘Design and architecture are my thing,’ says the designer. ‘I really believe they can make you happy.’ Moreover, as an interior designer, you are part of the life's work of a client, which obviously provides a lot of satisfaction. The interior designer wants to make many more people happy with her designs, although the total concept of a star restaurant and hotel are extra high on her wish list. We are convinced that her unique concepts will convince many and are happy to write about her inspiring designs that create tons of positivity.

Images 2 - 4: photography by Bert Demasure
Images 9 - 11: photography by Bert Demasure


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