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JOE Design creates serene and customised atmospheres in their projects”

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JOE Design Studio was founded in 2020 by Jody Eeckhout and focuses on high-end residential interiors for private clients. Eeckhout obtained a master's degree in interior architecture at the KU Leuven, after which he worked for various companies as a project interior designer, gaining experience. Timeless, warm minimalism is what JOE Design Studio stands for and we can totally identify with it! That's why we are happy to introduce the studio as a new partner.

Thanks to the use and blending of natural materials, personality, customer needs, design thinking and the help of extraordinary craftsmen, JOE Design Studio succeeds in creating serene and tailored atmospheres. You'll see timeless, natural materials reflected in all their projects, allowing time to stand still and customers to unwind. With JOE Design Studio, Eeckhout offers a carefree process from A to Z. They take care of everything from architecture, interior design, implementation and follow-up. Moreover, they help to create a contemporary and timeless environment that is designed down to the smallest detail. Because they can offer a complete process, including execution and coordination of the works, the process is completely carefree for the customers. They also ensure that the client has a point of reference for questions and problems. According to the studio, the relationship with the client is one of the most important pillars when designing architecture or interior design that is tailor-made for the client. Eeckhout describes himself as an independent interior designer with knowledge of the entire design process, from initial client contact to the delivery of a site. Add to that the beautiful projects he has already completed, and we can only be convinced that he creates quality. Therefore, we are looking forward to presenting the best projects of JOE Design Studio to our readers. Header image: © Cafeine
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Images 7 - 9: © Olivier Van Daele
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