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At Gardeco Objects, each interior or exterior finds the right finishing in the form of an excellent piece of art”

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'Take part in our art’. It is this message that has been putting Gardeco Objects on the map for years. The studio is unique in its nature, and also our new partner. The time has thus come to highlight this passionate company with a lot of enthusiasm and care.

Gardeco Objects is a Belgian firm that operates from Zedelgem and was founded in 1999 by Sonja Crevits and Jan Simaey. In their own words, they are best considered as art publisher with a specialisation in handcrafted decorative design objects. The primary driving force behind the start-up of the company was the desire to bring art and design to a broader public. By establishing collaborations with exclusive interior stores, renowned museum shops, art galleries, and architects and interior designers, they aim to include people in their artistic universe. The concept behind Gardeco Objects always returns to craftsmanship. The studio is inexorably dedicated to guaranteeing exclusive and exquisite pieces. The majority of the collections that the firm gathers, comes from artisanal family studios from all over the world. Time and again, the common factor of the pieces is authenticity, and Gardeco Objects assembles their collections based on the technical character and the aesthetic identity of the works. The materials of the collections include ceramics, bronze, glass, paper pulp and soapstone. Both the private and public sector can enjoy Gardeco Objects’ services. The team is willing to provide each interior and exterior design with the right unique pieces of art and finishing. Considering they unite a broad range of materials in their studio, Gardeco Objects is able to offer each design the right objects. Next to this, the studio succeeds in combining high-end decoration with new and fresh ideas within the visual arts because of their sophisticated taste and creative eye. Due to the handcrafted character of their collections, each piece is one of a kind and the technological component during the production process is limited. Gardeco Objects is the studio where various materials converge and each interior and exterior finds the right finishing in the form of an outstanding artwork. Imagicasa is honoured to face the future with this new partner and will present their next work and projects with pleasure to its readers.

Header image: ‘Totem Vases’ by Tatiana Queiroz
Image 2: ‘Mapa 40 corten’ by Regina Medeiros
Image 3: ‘Close encounters’ by Stefan Schöning
Image 4: ‘Constantin Totems’ by Tatiana Queiroz
Image 5: ‘Unconditional Love’ by Sofia Speybrouck
Image 6: 'Amorfa vase 07' by ALVA
Image 7: ‘The Muses’ by Renaat Ramon
Image 8: ‘Vaso Organico’ by Domingos Totora


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