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Offering a perfectly executed and finished total package is the biggest asset of Dejaeger Interieurarchitecten. They also managed to convince Imagicasa with their timeless projects, which we can now share with our readers.

Thanks to their own furniture workshop, Dejaeger Interieurarchitecten can offer clients a full service. The agency is responsible for the design, production and installation of customised furniture with a large team of real professionals. ‘Being able to offer the full implementation of a project as a design agency is a huge asset and is highly appreciated by our clients,’ explains Kurt Dejaeger. This has translated into exponential growth for his interior design agency over the years. He started Dejaeger Meubelatelier (furniture manufacturer) back in 1992, where he could express his ‘urge for perfection’. Indeed, the designer and entrepreneur had a passion for architecture and design from an early age that has never waned. So it was an obvious step to follow this path professionally. Until 2007, design, coordination and execution fell under this company. In that year, however, the interior designer split up the company and Dejaeger Interieurarchitecten was born with a team of designers. He calls this ‘a logical step due to the growth of the company and the size of the projects’. We have now been able to enjoy stylish total projects for many years. Their portfolio consists mainly of private homes, but we also see some commercial projects such as Brasserie De Statie in Deerlijk and the offices of windows company Pouleyn. We are happy to let Kurt Dejaeger tell us more about what he does and what he stands for.

What inspires you and how would you describe your style?
‘Pure, clean design in all its facets. This not only in architecture, but also in art, fashion, cars, culinary, etc.. As an architect, I strive to purify forms and materials to their essence. Each project gains its character from timeless design, choice of materials and finishing details.’

What characterises a Dejaeger interior?
‘The art is to make each material shine in its most natural form. With us, the finishing touch is paramount, right down to the smallest detail. Because of the quality we strive for, each project is a nice challenge in itself, each time with a unique result.’ What role do trends and technology play in your work?
‘As an interior designer, following trends is not a requirement for me. I strongly believe in timelessness and am therefore inspired by a wide variety of architecture from the past and present. We are, with Dejaeger Meubelatelier, technically a very strong company with high-end machinery. This opens the door to be the first to implement technological innovations and this is certainly reflected in the quality of our work.’

In what way do you distinguish yourself from other interior design agencies?
‘Offering a total package is our biggest asset. Both the customer and we ourselves attach great value to this. As a client, you can count on a smooth process from beginning to end, while we on the other hand have the realisation of our ideas entirely in our own hands. As a designer, it is invaluable to know that your design will be executed correctly, down to the smallest detail.’ Be sure to keep an eye on this page and our website to regularly discover new projects by Kurt Dejaeger and his team of interior architects, designers and furniture makers. Photography by Cafeine


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