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Bieke Casteleyn translates a personal story to an interior that is aligned with the lifestyle of the client”

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Bieke Casteleyn is an interior designer that works with drive and passion. Her personal philosophy has already charmed a large public and also Imagicasa is impressed by her skills. Therefore, we are proud to present Bieke as our most recent partner and are excited to start this journey with her.

It was at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium that Bieke Casteleyn graduated in Interior Design. Immediately after, she travelled to Milan for a training in product design. Since then, she has continued to develop her sophisticated and innovative style. In the Spring of 2012, she founded her own design studio in Knokke: BCINT. With projects all over Flanders and an emphasis on creative high-end residential renovations as well as new building projects, Bieke translates her ideas to well thought-out and fresh concepts. Since the start-up, ten years ago now, the studio has already gone through an impressive growth and, in addition, the house-style of the designer has developed a clear identity. Bieke’s work effortlessly surpasses the functional aspect and can rightly be considered art. BCINT guarantees carefully translating a personal story to an interior that is aligned with the lifestyle of the client. Nevertheless, each project of Bieke contains an indisputable power and purity that she spins off like a thread throughout her career. Her sharp eye for detail and careful selection of materials arrange a balance between the different aspects of a space. Form, colour and light consistently come together in an all-inclusive harmony. She also launched the meanwhile known collection Out of Line in which she merged her expertise as product developer and interior designer and developed several tables. The sculptural character of the collection is an ideal example of her innovative eye and playful addition to daily life. Our youngest partnership with established value Bieke Casteleyn will in the future undoubtedly result in an inspiring and prolific collaboration. We hope to present her next projects and pursuits in all their glory to our readers. The magnificent craftsmanship and unique vision already ensure that it is difficult to imagine her out of the spotlight. Photography by Cafeine


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