Wendy Verstrepen

Make it simple but significant”

  • Interior

Before starting on her own, this talented interior designer worked at Vlassak-Verhulst and Obumex. So she definitely doesn’t lack experience. Wendy Verstrepen is a Belgian interior designer who started her own studio a few years ago. With a wide range of knowledge and diverse design experiences, she really knows how to get things done.

Her approach is characterised by a thorough preparation and follow-up, appropriate integration of technical elements and professional advice on materials. Each design is based on the experience and personality of the client. This vision is central and is implemented to the best of her ability by Verstrepen's creativity and unmistakable talent. The customer's relationship is not only important during the preparation, but throughout the project the customer is consulted with every decision so the end result is exactly what they had in mind. Technical elements and any existing limitations are also integrated into the design. Finally, Verstrepen knows which materials work together and are sustainable thanks to her twenty years of experience in the sector. At Imagicasa, we are very enthusiastic about this collaboration. We already look forward to future projects. Don't forget to take a look at the website of Wendy Verstrepen. Here you can admire all her minimalistic projects. Images courtesy of Wendy Verstrepen
Cover image: photography by Jaro Van Meerten

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