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An interesting journey to the right look and feel.”

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Oscar V, exclusive villa construction & renovation stands for quality architecture with a signature that keeps timelessness, authenticity and the ultimate sense of home as its priorities. Choosing Oscar V is choosing a total approach. The villa designs meet all the requirements of a contemporary living comfort and are individualistic, original and fully tailored to your needs.

Together with Oscar V you will make an exciting journey to the right look and feel, in a contemporary or classic style. Oscar V NV is a symbiosis of unparalleled expertise in the construction world, with an extremely strong basis and a creative approach that will always stand the test of time.
"A symbiosis of unparalleled expertise in the construction world."

Exclusive living and construction

Have you always wanted to live exclusively? Oscar V will be happy to assist you in building or renovating your exclusive rural or modern villa building project. Their villas are designed taking into account contemporary requirements such as comfort, incidence of light, location, volume, open structures and high ceilings, and they know how to look after both modern timeless and classic living wishes. Oscar V provides not only a luxurious look but also a luxurious experience! Are you ready to fulfil your own living requirements? Would you like to build your own villa? Oscar V specialises in luxury turnkey villa construction. They offer the right support and knowledge for the construction of your new villa, but also for the renovation of older homes.
"Individualistic, original and fully customized villas."


Oscar V means opting for a total concept, in which both the exterior and the interior are thoroughly discussed. They will guide you fully through the process, from the design phase up to and including delivery, always taking into account your living wishes and comfort.

For more information about your future Oscar V project, please feel free to make an appointment for an introductory meeting or they will be happy to welcome you in their inspiring viewing villa in Knokke or Keerbergen.

The Oscar V villas are characterized by open structures, beautiful volumes with high ceilings and a meticulous attention to detail. The designers develop a sense of proportions, materials, textures, warmth and detail. Keywords of their approach are simplicity, tranquility, harmony, serenity, clarity and undeniably also luxury, taste and refinement down to the smallest details.

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