OKYO - Jochen Magyar

Qualitative spatial narratives that are elegant and functional at the same time”

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Few things are more exciting for Imagicasa than discovering a fascinating studio that our pen did not write anything about yet. Not only that is the case with OKYO, but we can also welcome them as a new partner.

OKYO is a Flemish agency that operates from Beringen since 2009 and was founded by Jochen Magyar. The firm includes two department, among which the Jochen Magyar Interieurarchitecten Studio and the building department Magyar Interieurbouw. By combining these two fields under OKYO, the company aims to offer each customer an appropriate end result. With a close team of no more than three people, each day the agency bundles their forces to transform interesting ideas and wishes to reality. The three words they feel attracted to as a team are therefore understanding, designing, and realising. The Jochen Magyar Interieurarchitecten Studio develops high-end architectural interiors and does so in collaboration with the own building department, Magyar Interieurbouw. Their projects are without fail qualitative special narratives that are elegant and functional at the same time. Also important for them is the emotional reflection and details that are subtle but in a fitting manner catch the attention. Their palette of materials consists of natural and warm sources that form a mosaic of quality, aesthetic, and practicality. In this process the criteria of the customer always remain at the centre, so that the design is specific and personal. The building department Magyar Interieurbouw undertakes the execution and coordination of the projects. In this way, OKYO guarantees their customer a total service. You can turn to OKYO for the building of complex commercial interior projects and unique luxurious high-end residential living interiors. The common characteristics that connect their realisations without exceptions are full-service guarantee and quality. Magyar handles renovation projects, customised interiors, and finalisation. Thus, at this address you find a full-service partner that transfers your while project from plan to reality. To us, OKYO is an ideal example of a company that has a wide field of expertise. Therefore, we are really pleased with our partnership with them and will support and highlight their projects at Imagicasa wherever we can.


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