For Minus, it is crucial that every detail has its place”

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Our partner Minus supports your search for the essence of your home. Their team consists of skilled designers, visionary interior architects, and passionate furniture makers. By guiding their clients from concepts to careful designs, they succeed in providing a handhold that allows every home to blossom into a perfect living environment.

Since many years, Minus strives for indoor spaces with a soul. More specifically, they develop designs that exude the essence of living. By transforming fresh ideas into pure custom work, they ensure every project of the highest quality. In doing so, they consistently demonstrate respect and patience for their craft; therefore, each step is carefully weighed and considered. Thanks to their large field of expertise, Minus can also guarantee furniture that is in line with your interior in every aspect. Those who consult with them may expect a smooth approach which effortlessly transforms from concept to design, and which brings the implementation and coordination to a successful end from a confident point of view. For Minus, it is crucial that every detail has its place. After all, our home needs to be a support and reflection of the way in which our life grows and evolves. By figuring out with the client which needs the interior should answer, Minus creates clarity in everyone’s home story. Functionality should namely be maximally strived for in every space. By examining how people want to experience their home, the team can always prioritise the essence and conjure a distinctiveness. At the same time, Minus is the perfect address for those who want a design that is conceptualised in the most clean and pure way. The result is both an aesthetic and well-considered design that supports and inspires the clients in every aspect. Even though Minus wants to answer the unique needs of the property in their projects, their style is always recognisable thanks to the minimalistic design and the presence of sustainable materials. Moreover, they consciously commit to technology and innovation. For example, a few years ago they purchased a 3D laser scanner to make more accurate and faster measurements. Their past projects prove how careful they work, as well as their fresh, modern philosophy. Next to using their services, you can also visit their concept store. There they do not only sell amazing Belgian and international design, but also their own collection that seamlessly fits in with their brand identity. With Minus, you can rely on an approach that treats the essence of your lifestyle and home as the highest priority. Thanks to their strong methodology, they are a reliable partner who works with utmost professionality. We hope to support them with future projects and are happy to highlight their qualities extensively. Photography by Cafeine


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