Jessy Van Gorp

I love how the light plays with the design and vice versaā€¯

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Jessy van Gorp is an interior architect who creates warm and tactile spaces that return to the essence. She goes the extra mile to present her customers personalised spaces and her work consistently exemplifies a careful balance. Our partnership with Jessy is a definitive added value for Imagicasa.

Jessy Van Gorp realises a varied range of projects. She designs high-end residential, corporate and commercial interiors. She treats respect for context and tradition as a high priority. Personalised solutions and results are the ultimate goal. Her spaces radiate serenity and purity, and form an environment in which you feel happy and at home. Every project receives her undivided attention as well as a personal approach. Therefore, each concept is custom made and unique. Interior is not the only inspiration that urges Jessy Van Gorp to create. Art, fashion, graphics, nature and architecture delight her as well and together they result in a passion for simple and balanced beauty. This broad field of interests means that the interior architect has a layered vision that is fruitful and abundant. At the same time, an interior designed by her is characterised by terms such as functional, warm and tactile. Furthermore, she reworks light and volume to a harmonious whole that is finished by craftsmanship, subtle details and varied textures. Strong lines and natural materials find their way into her work. Even though the design is pure and well considered, the spaces of Jessy Van Gorp consistently feel cosy and warm. Next to detail and craftsmanship, it is the customer’s wishlist on which Jessy Van Gorp bases her design. By intertwining the expectations and the spacial possibilities into a lively result, the interior architect ensures a positive client experience. First her personal approach takes the form of extensive conversations that develop a clear image of the client’s needs and interests, always with an open mind and listening carefully. The time she invests in her customers is worth every minute since the unique concepts that she delivers have already charmed many eyes. Moreover, she remains loyal to the relaxing luxury that she conjures with a modest colour- and material palette. Time and again, Jessy Van Gorp provides her customers with an interior that connects the functional with the visual.

Interior architect Jessy Van Gorp is a trustworthy reference for those who want a personalised interior that still echoes a clear vision. With careful detailing, she gives form to understated luxury with timeless qualities. Imagicasa is curious about where the future will take her. Photography by Cafeine

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