Britt Van Namen

Driven interior designer with a weakness for materials that feel natural and radiate calm”

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Britt Van Namen is an interior designer in heart and soul. Her timeless designs and austere functionality closely match the architecture of her projects. Her work is recognisable by its minimalist simplicity and attention to the finest details.

The passionate interior designer considers listening and putting herself in her client's shoes as the most important thing. She translates all of the client's deepest desires and dreams into a design that is completely tailored to their needs. As a result, every project is unique and you will never have exactly the same as someone else. Your interior experience is central to Britt Van Namen. The design bureau is known for its sleek designs in which functionality and simplicity prevail. The common thread is therefore unity between light, form and space. The right materials and elaborate details complete her designs. Van Namen prefers working with natural stone, her favourite being marble, because no stone is the same and some are a work of art in themselves. She also has a penchant for microtopping. ‘The material has a very natural feel and exudes a certain tranquillity,’ says the interior designer. From total projects, both renovations and new builds, with a high end finish to giving interior advice and drawing up designs of any size, everything is supervised by Britt Van Namen from start to finish. Because there is only one point of contact, the whole design and implementation process is greatly facilitated.

The enthusiastic interior designer does not shy away from any renovation or new design. It is a speciality in itself that Britt Van Namen masters flawlessly. On this page we regularly share her most beautiful projects. Photography by Cafeine


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