A fusion of old and new is rooted in every project.”

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Effortlessly balancing on the dotted line that connects old and new: not everyone is able to do that. Yet Imagicasa's partner, Artique, manages to maintain the perfect harmony between the two. The mastermind behind the Belgian design studio, Daphné Callemeyn, is known for her sophisticated interiors, beautifully highlighting characterful, authentic elements.

With the slogan ‘Every idea has a past... and every past has a new future’, Artique wants to make one thing clear: their fusion of old and new is rooted in every project. The surprising designs with which Callemeyn appears time and again from nowhere will amaze any lover of rural interiors. Although the old look of her concepts catapults you to earlier times, the interior designer ensures ultimate modern comfort with each concept. ‘The attention to contemporary functionality is something I highly value,’ she adds herself. The one thing that the creative mind finds most important is that a resident feels completely at home in one of her interiors. That is why she prefers to focus on total renovations, meeting the client's wishes as well as possible. She has already succeeded in transforming old houses and courtyard cities into true gems. The studio did not steal its name, because her old, warm interiors are all true works of art. Moreover, Callemeyn views each project as a new birth, working with the highest-quality materials that respect ancient architecture. She also calls on the experts in her own studio and can always rely on her regular partners to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Craftsmanship is central to Artique's work; and the agency proves this time and again with each unique piece of furniture with which they enrich spaces. Artique is not averse to going the extra mile and taking design to the next level by entering into collaborations. For instance, the agency collaborates with Het Atelier, the studio of Miguel Vantomme, Callemeyn's life partner.  Curious about Artique? Be sure to keep an eye on Imagicasa's Stories, as a great agency like Artique will undoubtedly be highlighted soon!

Header image: design by Artique, photography by Jan Liégeois
Images 2-10: design by Artique, photography by Jan Liégeois
Images 11-13: design and visualisations by Artique


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