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Finding the right proportion and scaleā€

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The destination is one thing, but the way leading up to it is something else. Time and again, each project is a journey for Niels Maier that takes him to different places, which is without a doubt a quality that we admire in our partners. Therefore, we are happy to present him and his work in their full glory.

In the centre of Maastricht, The Netherlands, you can find the studio of Niels Maier. This skilled expert is a true inspiration in the world of interior and design. His work includes both private interiors and corporate spaces, and showcases a continuous presence of a special atmosphere. An open attitude is always the first step since, according to him, it is the ultimate way to pursue authenticity. Listening to the clients and letting the singularity of the location come to you has already proven to be the right approach on multiple occasions. For this reason, Maier’s designs are never superficial, but profound instead. Hand in hand with his search for authenticity is his attention to craftsmanship. Because of this, the materials that he handles, have an old soul. Returning elements in his personal palette are stone, wood, and brass. Next to this, you can recognise his work, for example, by spaces filled with clear lines where crafts reign and indoor and outdoor spaces that are fully in tune. His great passion for kitchens is also characterising! Over the last years, the creative had the chance to work on many projects of different scales, both regional, national, and international. Since the start of his career, sustainability has been a lasting concern for the interior designer. Incorporating high-end, natural materials is only logical to him. In his designs, the colour palette follows the same direction instead of letting trend dependent shades and bold variations take the floor. Moreover, delivering high quality is a continuous mission that he tries to maximally accomplish in each project, as well as finding the perfect proportion and scale. Every result is different, seeing that every client and their lifestyle bring something new. Nevertheless, with each commission Maier takes a step further on his own unique path. Even though he gains inspiration from the work of others, he always aims to preserve the focus on his own vision. The beautiful designs that he presents, are a clear confirmation of this. As an interior designer, Niels Maier has a philosophy that captures and charms you. We are happy with him in our network and are eager to share and admire his future delicate creations with a large public. Photography by Cafeine


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