We make very conscious choices, not only in our designs, but also in our way of working”

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Imagicasa proudly presents the Belgian interior and lifestyle brand Mublo. The brand offers a wide range of quality furniture and interior accessories, all with a contemporary aesthetic. On the one hand, Mublo offers self-designed products, made of sustainable materials and rich fabrics. On the other hand, they work together with European parties, such as independent furniture makers and small-scale manufacturers, to preserve valuable knowledge and craftsmanship.

What makes the Belgian design brand Mublo so unique is the fact that they cooperate exclusively with European partners. They work with independent furniture makers and small-scale manufacturers, hoping to preserve their knowledge and craftsmanship. These are at risk of being lost in our local economies, due to the import of mass production from cheap labour. Mublo makes very conscious choices, not only in their designs, but also in their way of working. They attach great importance to sustainability, ecologically and socially, and transparency. For example, they work with a made-to-order production method, so that raw materials are not wasted. They also work consciously when choosing other parties to collaborate with. They insist that their partners share the same ideological vision and guarantee a European, high-quality design, proven by (sustainability) certificates. Each product resulting from their collaborations mentions where the fabric and the product are made. They also all have a quality guarantee. We have enormous respect and admiration for this way of working. Furthermore, Mublo does not only offer furniture, but a complete interior and lifestyle universe. The expertise of the talented team translates into stylish designs, with surprising textures, lines and colours. Furthermore, their products are characterised by high-quality materials and detailed finishes. Their style can be described as timeless Belgian minimalism: warm, thoughtful designs that are still accessible. Finally, the products of Mublo are characterised by high-quality upholstery, which can be used for both residential and contract purposes. The brand offers a large range of fabrics and colours, which allows them to customise their furniture. In their showroom in Ghent, their customers receive personal advice on the many possibilities in fabrics and colours. This way, the customers can make the right choices to create their own unique space. Mublo believes that craftsmanship, quality, aesthetics and transparency are essential factors for successful furniture design. Imagicasa fully agrees with this. We are very pleased with this partnership and can't wait to see what Mublo will accomplish in the future.

Images courtesy of Mublo
Interior by Frederik Vercruysse


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