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Monitoring and managing projects is without a doubt an art on its own. Those who do so with years of experience, extensive expertise, and an impressive portfolio, may call themselves a true master in this. Therefore, it is only natural that we are proud to consider Kordekor one of our partners.

In life, you need someone to rely on, especially on important moments. This description is also fitting for Kordekor, because with a trustworthy profile and a wide range of services, the firm is the ideal address for total projects. More concretely, you can contact them for realising interiors in all different sorts of properties. Houses, offices, hospitality, and public spaces are all possible. This impressive offer obviously did not come about overnight. By now, the family business is available for providing window decoration, interior textiles, and project coordination. With a wide range of skills, the family business is still going full speed, and that is an understatement. In the first place, guidance of Kordekor means a connection based on mutual trust. By listening attentively to the clients, they map out all the important components of a project. For them, it does not merely concern preparing and executing an offer. Instead, they supply realistic schedules that ensure a pleasant work process, and they operate from beginning to end in a proactive way. Throughout their extensive portfolio, excellent craftsmanship predominates, as does the appreciation for the people they work with. Namely, they meet phenomenal designers, driven craftsmen and interesting individuals. Because of this, it goes without saying that all their commissions result in a driven fusion of talent. Coordinating requires expertise and profound assessments. Making up correct budgetary plans and presenting comprehensive technical knowhow are no unknown territory for the business. You can also rely on them for the aesthetics: mood boards for the materials and support for making certain decisions are obvious for them. Next to this, Kordekor contacts the best subcontractors for technical aspects that fall outside of their own expertise. Think, for example, of home automation, electrical engineering, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Whether you want to contact them for coordinating a project from A to Z or for a specific service, a successful collaboration is always guaranteed. Kordekor is a convincing added value, both as general contractor and partner. With their extensive services, a high-end result is a lasting guarantee. We hope to highlight them in the best possible way and are already looking forward to what is coming next. Header image: photography by Cafeine
Images 2 - 7: photography by Cafeine
Images 10 - 11: interior by Stef Claes, photography by Eric Petschek
Image 12: interior by Julie Steurbaut, photography by Stéphanie Mathias

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