Jim Dierckx

Theatrical light atmospheres, architectural sightlines, and an all-encompassing serenity.”

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Jim Dierckx is an interior architect who lives and works in Antwerp. As our partner he is an amazing added value, because with a focus on high-end residential project he always seeks for the perfect lay-out for a home. His professional philosophy starts from a desire to unite the pillars of classical design with contemporary aesthetics.

To recognise is to acknowledge. The importance of a personal style that is easy to identify in the interior landscape of today is continually increasing. However, Dierckx does not experience any problems with this, considering that his designs contain several elements that make it easy to spot a project as one of his. For example, he swears by theatrical light atmospheres, architectural sightlines, and an all-encompassing serenity. Add to this the purity and authenticity of the materials that he eagerly employs, and you arrive at a clear idea of the work that he presents to his clients. Next to this, the interior architect always challenges himself to conceptualise the best possible layout. Instead of taking the obvious direction, he likes to explore possibilities that are less convenient at first sight. Since there is no doubt that the functionality of a home stands or falls with its structure, we can only agree with his way of working. Dierckx is mainly active in the residential sector and often devotes himself to renovation projects. These commissions are not only ideal to complete creative challenges but are also the perfect way to develop a clear vision of the relation with clients. Therefore, the first conversation with the interior architect without exception revolves around them. By investigating who they are, how they live, and what they want, he can apply the fundamental sketches that form the basis for the success of the project. Factors such as timing, budget, and desired facilities are indispensable in this step. If it is up to the interior architect himself, he prefers working with outdated properties where the charm and potential lay buried under the dust of time. By optimally utilising the possibilities and making such residences relevant for a modern living narrative, Dierckx establishes himself as a trustworthy and inspiring expert. Moreover, the attention that he pays to spatial functionality, simplicity, and light incidence is naturally an additional asset that wins you over completely. Our partnership with Jim Dierckx rests on a profound appreciation for his work. By numerously bringing renovations and other sorts of projects to a good end, he succeeds time and again in providing clients with a result that is going to be their home base for many years to come. Header image: © Cafeine
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