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Living in style begins with your home… With an interior that tells a story. Your story.”

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Evelyn Moreels welcomes you into a world of atmosphere, colour, materials, textures and craftsmanship. Creating an interior with a story is their job. Together with her team, Evelyn Moreels guides you through a world of colours, materials, styles and textures. A world where creativity and craftsmanship come together. And where you can find the inspiration to live at home the way you want, in style.

Evelyn Moreels and the team are specialists in interior and colour advice, integral execution of interior and exterior painting, decorative painting techniques, wallpaper, exclusive window decoration and upholstery, fitted carpets and rugs, and total interior.
"A mix of timeless elements, warm and rich materials, soft patinated tones, with here and there a bold accent."
"We follow your feelings, your tastes and your preferences. You tell us who you are and we create a highly personal living atmosphere." With their strong team of 20, they guarantee expertise and experience. You can count on creativity in shaping your interior, high quality standards in terms of product selection and application, adequate follow-up and superior service.
"A mission is only successful if the whole picture is right and the customer feels 'at home'."
The interiors of Evelyn Moreels are a combination of creativity and craftsmanship translating her clients life and stories in beautiful and understated designs, executed by Evelyn Moreels and her team of skilled craftsmen. Always aspiring to create personal and high quality interiors, Evelyn can take on every assignment.

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