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As of recently, Imagicasa can consider Diapal one of their partners. The past decennia, the kitchen- and interior expert has built a profound knowledge and employs it to provide clients with custom spaces and furniture. We would like to introduce you to this versatile company.

The story of Diapal started in 1968 in Jabbeke, Belgium. You can still find them there, although a lot has changed since then, of course. While Diapal has consistently extended their knowledge and has begun to offer several services throughout the years, their comprehensive passion for quality has remained the same. Together with a continuous focus on innovation and loyalty to family values, the company transforms this passion into building sophisticated kitchens and interiors. Their methodology is a clear reflection of their profound experience and confident know-how. Together with the client, the interior architects search for the right combination of aesthetic and interior, after which the space is carefully measured. Each piece is manufactured in the atelier with the greatest care and, eventually, is installed and finished by the intern placement team. You can rely on Diapal for numerous services. Initially, they made a name for themselves because of their impeccable kitchens, so today you can still put this area of your home in their hands without the slightest worries. With their guarantee of lasting quality even the smallest detail is finished completely. By now, bathrooms and bedrooms also belong to Diapal’s specialty, as well as dressings and custom furniture. Similarly, they invariably present innovative custom work that translates the customer’s expectations to reality. Next to the high-end technology of their creations, Diapal succeeds in providing the best functionality. By considering each project as an individual matter, the team manages to follow the best scenario for the space in question. Therefore, the contextual personality of the client likewise takes a central position, which means that commissions usually lead to fruitful collaborations. Diapal is a trustworthy and skilled specialist that can give form to everyone’s interior. By committing to precise customisation and constant innovation, the company has positioned itself as an important player within the field of interior. Naturally, Imagicasa is happy to take this qualitative firm under their wings. Photography by Cafeine

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