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Interior business Classo assists customers in their search for a furnishing where they feel completely at home. They guide you with a team of creative experts, irrelevant whether you ask for a total furnishing or are on the lookout for a specific work of art or decoration. We are obviously beaming with enthusiasm to have them in our network of partners, because their abilities leave no one untouched.

With a clear but proud hand, Sofie and Colette Bruggeman lead their team to the top. Throughout the years, their experience has unbelievably strengthened their talent and feeling for interior, although they consider each commission a new chance to reaffirm Classo’s insights. With a showroom that bursts of inspiration and a surface of no less than one thousand square metres, they pilot customers along an extensive selection of design furniture, rugs, lighting, art, and unique objects. Naturally, their range contains one luxury brand after the other: Minotti, Edra, and Knoll are only a few of the names from the assortment. Not only the high-end character of their selection makes the interior experts a special address, but also the way in which they complement these exclusive brands with artisanal creations makes them stand out. Personality plays an indispensable part in every project. Customers receive extensive guidance for their interior plans, and Classo will not rest before the result is something the residents recognise themselves in for the full hundred percent. Nevertheless, it also refers to the team themselves since every project they attach their name to is a fusion of the wish of the clients with the style of the business themselves. It is exactly this act of balancing two visions that makes our partner such an important name. They always push the limit to make an interior a reflection of their own perspective and the clients’, as well as the character of the architecture. Therefore, each time a lot of attention goes to mapping out all the possibilities and working out a custom plan. Interior advisor Sofie visits the clients at home to facilitate choices regarding colours and materials and provide extensive advice. An additional advantage is that the team effortlessly collaborates with external (interior) architects. Clients are free to rely on other parties, seeing that Classo has no problem with working themselves into a bigger team. Moreover, they are the ideal people to furnish your outdoor area as well. It is, of course, also possible to hire the experts solely to tackle one specific room or to search for the ideal finishing in the form of art and rare objects. Even though their portfolio thus consists of diverging commissions, you can notice a returning style. Proportions are always a crucial point of focus for them, because they need to make complete sense in order for a space to succeed. Next to this, they try to spread a lasting relevance, a long-term contemporary aesthetic on a large scale. With the expertise of Classo, everyone can reach their biggest home dreams. This interior business guides, supports, and envisions. As a partner, we aim to represent them as well as possible and to bring the best of their undertakings to our readers. With their dynamic team and focused way of working, we are confident that a lot of impressive projects are coming our way.

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