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Basalte is a Belgian expert in high-end technologies for smart luxury homes. Technological simplicity, pure design, and an intuitive and conscious choice to devise and produce everything in Belgium are the key elements of their success story.

The company was founded in 2008, with a mission to reunite high-quality design and intuitive smart home technology. It is a unique combination that remains a fundamental part of their DNA. All designs are simple, intuitive, and elegant, both in terms of form and function. Interesting fact: the brand’s name was derived from basalt, a dark, fine-grained volcanic stalk. The earth's subsurface contains more basalt than any other rock, which is why it can be found all over the world. The properties of the rock coincide perfectly with the company's values: strong products that excel in durability while remaining true to the essence. Beautiful and natural on the outside, sophisticated, strong, and multi-layered on the inside, that's how the brand likes to describe itself.

Today, they work closely together with integrators, architects, and interior designers worldwide to guarantee the beautiful integration of smart home technology in each project. Their multifunctional design switches, sophisticated speakers, and elegant iPad stands can be found in the most luxurious projects all over the world. Basalte strives for perfection and wants to reshape the way people live by facilitating daily movements and bringing pure comfort to the heart of your home. All products are carefully designed and handmade with love in Belgium. CEO Klaas Arnout is happy to explain a little more about the brand’s vision.

Why choose an intelligent home?
‘Your home is very personal and intimate. It is a safe space where you can completely unwind and be yourself. An intelligent home goes one step further in helping you with this. With a light touch of the Basalte app, remote control, or switch, it is possible to dim a room to the right atmosphere. Your favourite music starts, the thermostat switches up a degree, and the curtains close. All technologies are connected to each other, making it possible as a resident to enjoy ultimate comfort. Everything can be set and adjusted remotely.’ Can you tell us a bit more about your extensive range?
‘We started with a design switch, but today we offer a total solution for an intelligent home. We have developed our own app that allows you to easily control all the technologies in your house, at home or remotely. You can very easily control your lights, temperature, blinds, and music. Recently, we also introduced our new door phone Adelante, which can be easily operated via our intuitive app. This makes our range even more complete.’ Where does Basalte make the difference with other brands in the same field?
‘In everything we do, we keep a strong focus; we focus exclusively on the luxury segment. Design is an important aspect for us, we only work with very high-quality and exclusive materials. Our focus is also on convenience. Most of the time, engineers develop products with the idea that they will be used by other engineers. We design each project with a focus on simplicity and convenience, combined with a minimalistic design that perfectly matches our existing product range.’ How do you deliver the best client service?
‘Our focus is very much on quality and precision. We select only the most exclusive materials and emphasise meticulousness. The common thread in the finish of our products is the choice for authentic, honest materials such as nickel, bronze, and aluminium. They underline the purity of the design. The combination of hypermodern technology with a sustainable, artisanal finish often produces stunning results. Throughout the years, we have built a network of workshops specialising in each of these materials. Uniquely, all these workshops are located in Belgium. We are proud to say that all products are still one hundred percent fabricated and produced in Belgium.’

Header image: interior by Dries De Malsche, integration by Comf Domotics, photography by Cafeine
Images 2 - 4: interior by Dries De Malsche, integration by Comf Domotics, photography by Cafeine
Images 5 - 7: design & craftsmanship by Demaatwerker, photography by Pilarshoots
Image 8: courtesy Basalte
Image 9: Adelante phone, courtesy Basalte
Images 10 - 12: architecture by Bob Manders, photography by Cafeine


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