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Woodstoxx from West Flanders is deeply rooted in a wide range of applications in wood. It focuses on respect for the product and nature on the one hand and the uniqueness of its customer on the other hand.

Woodstoxx stands for its own production and installation of parquet, wooden terrace, facade and wall cladding. Whether it concerns large or small projects, there is only one thing that counts for the West-Flemish company: successful projects. In their two experience centres, in Menin and in Ghent, you will discover the most beautiful wood for parquet and wall coverings.

Woodstoxx focuses strongly on the quality and experiential value of wood. The strength of Woodstoxx lies mainly in the efficient approach of each project, an aspect that appeals to architects and interior architects. Their design office consists of a cell of nine specialised project managers. This enables them to respond quickly to the needs of the 40 installers. Interestingly, Woodstoxx distinguishes between interior and exterior projects.

Woodstoxx focuses on respect for the product and nature on the one hand and the uniqueness of the customer on the other hand.

At the beginning of 2019, Woodstoxx launched its sister company Unicus. Each Unicus house is unique - the name reads as 'unique house', but a West Flemish accent - but in order to give customers a guide, Unicus has launched several of its own models for wooden outbuildings. Each in its own style and with its own architectural eye-catchers. "This is not a limitation of our custom work. On the contrary: we show the possibilities with different techniques and personally guide the customers in putting together their 'unique house', with the recognisable Unicus signature," says Desmet. As a customer, you adapt the model to your own wishes or you present the design of your own architect yourself. With these wooden outbuildings and pavilions, Woodstoxx is taking a first step towards a quiet dream that the company has been cherishing for some time. In the long run, the intention is to also study housing or to carry out larger projects in wood. We are already looking forward to the beautiful realisations that we will undoubtedly be able to see in the future!


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