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Wilfra Waregem started out as a kitchen specialist more than half a century ago, but quickly evolved into a leading actor in complete interior design. The company is synonymous with high-end, pioneering home design, and has been for three generations now.

In 1956, Wilfra Waregem was founded as a small furniture workshop. Seventy years later, the company stands for high-level luxury kitchen and total interior design. It is a respected partner for anyone who wants to raise their home to a higher level. This both in own design and as executor of renowned (interior) architects, such as Vincent Van Duysen or Dieter Vander Velpen. As a small family business – with a team of twenty professionals – it does this with a very personal approach. It should therefore come as no surprise that the interior company has already been able to realise a very diverse range of projects, not only in its own country but also in London, Paris and Tel Aviv. Wilfra offers à la carte interior design, always keeping in mind the budget and the predefined timeframe. In the showroom, customers can find inspiration in advance, which the designers of the interior company then translate into their work. The company always goes for an overall approach: from the design, advice on the technical choices and working with the right proportions, to the choice of materials and finish. Only the strictest standards are applied, and quality and innovation are decisive in the company. Their craftsmanship lies in the details and the finish, which is always realised according to their typical Wilfra signature. The interior company works with high-quality honest and natural materials, which are carefully selected for each project. In this way, they create a comfortable, warm and luxurious living or working environment, fully tailored to your personal taste: whether it is a combination of natural stone and wood, of light and dark or of calming elements and eye-catchers. Wilfra Waregem always delivers an interior that is aesthetically perfect and effortlessly defies time and trends. Header image by Cafeine


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