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Construction with vision: durable, innovative and green.”

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Project developer Triple Living builds life visions. Green neighbourhoods where it is pleasant to live and work. Always at top locations. Always with the best architects and groundbreaking sustainable techniques. “We build ahead. We work with the client, the neighbourhood and society.”

Triple Living can boast years of experience in the real estate sector and guarantees a strategic buying and selling policy. A specialised team will assist you with expert advice. They also call on the best architects and professionals, choose the most durable and high-quality materials and ensure a flawless finish. These qualities combined with their extensive experience give Triple Living a particularly solid basis for the realisation of your dream apartment.
"If you love peace, elegance and discrete luxury, this is the place to be."

Nieuw Zuid

One of Triple Living's most important projects at the moment is Nieuw Zuid: an innovative living site that excels in sustainability. A livable, green city district, car-free and with a large central park. But also: a vibrant village in the city with all facilities for families, seniors and professionals.
"Exclusive architecture and unsurpassed service."
Nieuw Zuid was designed by the very best. The Masterplan of the new city district was developed by the renowned agency Secchi-Viganò. They laid the foundation for a sustainable and diverse urban site, with liveability, greenery and optimal views as central anchor points. Each individual building is designed by its own architect, within the outline of the master plan, but with the clear signature of the individual architect. The result is an impressive exposé of striking contemporary architecture of the highest level.

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