Central in the methodology of TENARCHITECTS is the experience of ambience and warmth”

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TENARCHITECTS designs total concepts that create perfect harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. Their mission is only accomplished when the customer is optimally satisfied.

TENARCHITECTS is the architectural office of Elke Van Goel. She founded the office in Antwerp in 2005 after having gained experience as a project architect at renowned architectural firms such as Vincent Van Duysen, Driesen-Meersman-Thomaes and Gert Voorjans. The office specialises in architecture, interior design and design. Elke Van Goel consciously chooses to work with a modest team of no more than ten employees. This concise number is at odds with the impression her projects make. The key words in the work of TENARCHITECTS are dedication, creativity, quality and honest materials. Furthermore, Elke considers it important to achieve harmony with the surroundings and to tailor projects perfectly to the clients. In the agency's portfolio you can see a wide variety. TENARCHITECTS designs innovative and historic renovations, residential projects, restaurants, hotels, offices, furniture design and project development. TENARCHITECTS draws its inspiration both from modernist architects and from the traditional oriental wabi-sabi philosophy. It is all about achieving a balance in architecture. The architectural firm does this by, among other things, uniting natural contrasts and dualities. Think of old and modern, male and female, simplicity and sophistication. Elke Van Goel likes to create a balance between simplicity and luxury in her projects, which gives a unique result. The TENARCHITECTS style is elegant, balanced, serene and timeless. Pure and tactile materials are chosen that, together with a focus on light and space, create a timeless, warm home. Sustainability and timeless architecture are important here. In addition, the firm usually designs total concepts in which perfect harmony is created between the interior and exterior spaces. Their mission is only accomplished when the client is optimally satisfied. TENARCHITECTS combines all its strengths to achieve this, time and again, and sets the bar sky-high. Their pure and essential style has already impressed us on several occasions. With TENARCHITECTS, Imagicasa has undoubtedly gained a top partner. We are looking forward to showcasing their new projects in the future and to inspire our readers with their beautiful creations. Photography by Tijs Vervecken, unless mentioned otherwise


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