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The luxury home concept of the future is here! Sylvestris Wonen's projects combine the luxury of a villa in nature with the comfort of an apartment. They are real pioneers in their field with a new vision on villa apartments.

Filip Verheyen and his wife Mieke Delaruelle are at the head of the innovative Sylvestris Wonen. They have a whole new vision on villa apartments with which they want to offer a viable alternative to the villa of the 21st century: instead of dividing a villa into apartments, they design a building that is divided into villas and all this in a beautiful natural environment. Together with the designers, they start from the rooms of a villa which are then built vertically in the form of an apartment building. The concept is already unique, but they also distinguish themselves from other standard apartment buildings with their huge living spaces, terraces, storage rooms and garage boxes and luxurious finishes in both the units and the common areas. They are also top of the bill in other factors such as safety and sustainability. All of Sylvestris Wonen's projects are based on 10 pillars that make them so innovative and unique: spacious living spaces, communal comfort, special attention to acoustics, luxurious finishing, smart home, ecological footprint, BEN (Nearly Energy Neutral) house, security with a focus on perimeter surveillance, residential and green surroundings and large garage boxes.

Aviable alternative to the villa of the 21st century

In collaboration with Archiburo J. Van Royen, they have already realised impressive residences. Always with their typical luxury aesthetics and embedded in nature. The combination of sustainability, luxury and comfort provides a completely different level of living experience and their personal customer service is a nice bonus. You should definitely take a look at their website

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