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Architecture is like music. It has to have a certain rhythm and enough adjournments.”

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The interiors of Simoni Architecten never go unnoticed. At the head of this progressive company is Vittorio Simoni, one of the leading architects in Belgium. Ranging from shops to private homes, offices to restaurants, ... Simoni has already completed numerous projects. He started out as an interior designer, but later started studying architecture as well.

"The end result takes into account the programme of requirements, the ambitions of the client and the existing situation(s)."
Vittorio Simoni is not only active in Belgium, but also in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Dubai, Japan, Bangkok and Curaçao. In addition to various projects for the furnishing of private homes, his oeuvre also includes the architecture and furnishing of museums, hotels, showrooms and studios. He designed the Fashion Museum (Hasselt), the City Museum (Hasselt) and 't Zilte (Antwerp). Simoni compares architecture with music. Architecture must also have a certain rhythm, and there must be enough adjournments.The designs of Simoni Architects do not start from aesthetic, artistic or stylistic ambitions, but from the service to the client and the community in which the built design will function. It is essential that the end result takes into account the programme of requirements, the ambitions of the client and the existing situation(s).
"Which structure has to be built and what does the client want to achieve with the structure?"
"Design is the balancing of the present and the future; it is the interaction of different situations that inspire the design process and point the way to solutions. Architecture is the search for solutions for the built environment, solutions that only present themselves when the problems are clearly defined. And these problems present themselves in the daily confrontation with the site, the client, the building regulations, the target group of the building, the social and cultural context of the building, ... " Any architectural theory must bow to the ever-changing, mutually influencing and complex situations with which the designer is confronted. This 'situational architecture' design method is therefore the guiding principle within Simoni Architects.

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