Nestor & Rotsen

We strive for perfection by embracing imperfection.”

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Nestor & Rotsen's inspiring design furniture and objects can almost be called works of art. With pure lines, traditional techniques and natural materials, co-founder Devi Vervaeke always creates exceptionally beautiful and unique designs that reflect the beauty of natural imperfection.

The passion of two brothers

Brothers Devi and Denneb Vervaeke wrote the story behind Nestor & Rotsen together. As the children of a painter and the grandchildren of a carpenter, they grew up with a love of art, music and natural patterns. That love and creativity grew into a passion for the craftsmanship that they honour today with Nestor & Rotsen. However, before starting this design studio, they first expressed their fascination for texture and colour in a painting studio: Atelier Nest (which Denneb still runs). The unique processes and craftsmanship they developed at the time are now at the heart of Nestor & Rotsen, which is mainly led by Devi.
“My compositions are a search for the right balance and harmony between conflicting ingredients." - Devi Vervaeke
Artisanal Belgian design

Natural materials, pure lines and artisanal techniques. Nestor & Rocks combines a fascination for art with craftsmanship and enthusiasm. The goal? Create and design inspiring objects that reflect the beauty of natural imperfection. Thanks to an ardent love for organic shapes, aesthetic art and handmade luxury.
In their concept store in Latem (Deurle) you are welcomed in a warm atmosphere and immediately overwhelmed by beautiful design pieces.

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