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Meubart-L is a family business specialising in designer furniture and contemporary classics. They offer a complete custom-made interior concept and create the most beautiful and exclusive interiors with a contemporary style.

Interior designer Elke Patteet is the manager of the interior design business with a long tradition. Her grandparents, who both came from a family of furniture makers, started their own business in Diest. Initially Elke had other plans for her future after her studies as an interior architect, but due to circumstances she ended up in the business anyway. ‘Each generation sets different accents and in this way, it evolved more and more into something I now do with passion and pleasure,’ she says.The name Meubart was chosen by her grandfather and was an abbreviation for furniture items (‘meubel artikelen’ in Dutch), but for those who enter the store now, it quickly becomes clear that the name is now a reference to furniture (‘meubels’ in Dutch) and art. ‘One immediately feels: something else is happening here,’ says Elke.

‘One immediately feels: something else is happening here’

At Meubart-L, no trends, fashions or seasons are followed. ‘It's more about timeless pieces. And these are not just certain classics, but certainly also work by young or often still unknown designers and artists,’ says the designer. ‘With this philosophy I also tackle interior design. According to my vision, an interior is not a uniform space that can be tackled according to a fixed concept and in a certain style. Each architectural space has its specific and essential characteristics that determine its character, appearance and intrinsic value. This also applies to every piece of furniture, interior piece, accessory or work of art. In the field of tension between the intrinsic value of the architectural environment and the intrinsic qualities of interior pieces, the creative dynamics that determine the search for an interior interpretation emerge.’ In this way, creating an interior becomes a poetic or instinctive process of feeling and experiencing. And like that, Meubart-L always creates a fascinating dialogue between the individual stories of the surrounding space, the objects and the residents. ‘That harmony is the feeling of home that we ultimately strive for. An interior is successful for me if the client experiences this as an enrichment for his personality and if it invites him to live, discover and grow.’This personal vision and approach is also reflected in the choice of her collection. For her range of curtain fabrics, lighting, carpets and accessories Elke works with Alias, Bocci, Cassina, Davide Groppi, Edra, Emmemobili, Ligne Roset, Valerie Objects and much more. She also regularly collaborates with artists. ‘Art is food for the soul,’ she says, ‘which is why I also organise at least one exhibition a year. For example, I have already shown works by Albert Pepermans, Jacques Bosser, Henk Delabie, Caroline Coolen, Philippe Weisbecker, Annelies Wouters, Warner Berckmans, and so on.’

Thanks to the total concept, the personal way of working and the combination with art, Meubart-L distinguishes itself and Elke works out fantastic creative ideas for every client. As the manager says: ‘Convince yourself, drop by and you will discover that working with Meubart-L is a gift to yourself! Welcome!’Images courtesy of Meubart-L
Cover Image: Tim Van de Velde

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