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From now on, Imagicasa can count visualisation studio Key Visuals among its partners. This is undoubtedly the start of something beautiful, because the qualitative impressions lie parallel with our own expectations of 3D images. With a lot of enthusiasm, we present our readers to this expert company.

Key Visuals operates near Leuven and was founded in 2020 by Mattias Doevenspeck. Although the studio is still young, the 3D artist already has more than ten years of experience. Before focusing on product and architecture visualisation, he worked in the past for the video game and marketing sector. Today, with Key Visuals, he produces qualitative and atmospheric images of unbuilt architecture and future products. Since the founding of the one-man studio, Mattias Doevenspeck already produced several images for (interior) architects and real estate developers. A broad spectrum since both modest private houses and impressive real estate projects at the coast have been covered. Furthermore, Key Visuals has been used the last two years to provide images for architecture competitions. Visualisations for the government are also part of the studio's growing portfolio, as well as product visualisations. Key Visuals always prioritises the client's vision. Since the studio is often involved late in the pre-production process, it is crucial that the client's wishes are visualised in a short space of time. After all, a successful visualisation is only possible if the client can be one hundred percent satisfied. An honest and transparent communication is essential for this, and this is one of the values that Key Visuals pays a lot of attention to. By offering reliable services and keeping his promises, Mattias Doevenspeck tries to bring his studio to the public in the best possible way. Moreover, the future looks promising. At the moment, Key Visuals mainly focuses on creating still images and short animations for small to medium-sized projects. As the studio grows, real time interactive projects and web applications will also be part of the offering. For Key Visuals, there are undoubtedly many impressive designs on the horizon. We are happy to introduce this promising studio as our new partner and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration that we hope will last a long time. Images courtesy of Key Visuals
Header Image: Architect Dewitte
Image 2: MVProjecten
Images 3-5: Architect Dewitte
Image 6: MVProjecten
Image 7: Ipon


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