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‘Develop different' is ION’s motto, and that is exactly what the real estate investor and project developer does. Seven years ago, the company started as an ambitious start-up and in no time it became the fastest growing project developer in Belgium. ION is active in the various segments of real estate in which it always places the emphasis on high-quality architecture and sustainability. "As true experts, we aim for nothing less than the best quality. We have an insatiable hunger for new knowledge and exchange of experience, and we don’t shy away from a solid education or thorough training. With our eye for detail, we don't stop until we have achieved the best result," says Kristof Vanfleteren, co-CEO at ION.

"If you want to develop differently, you have to think differently."
Future-oriented innovations

In addition to high-quality architecture and sustainability, ION also invests in future-oriented innovations. All projects are built in such a way that they are equipped for the future and its new technologies, and that they meet all sustainability criteria. All concerns that a potential occupant might have are answered in the projects. Think of a specific letterbox in which you can have your online orders delivered without having to be at home.

CO2-Neutral projects

ION is the first Belgian CO2-neutral project developer. By working together with CO2logic, it tries to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. On the one hand to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum and on the other hand to compensate the remaining emissions by supporting a climate project in Uganda. A good example of this is the Waregem Business Park. For its CO2-neutral construction, ION compensates 16,759 ton of CO2 emissions. This corresponds to the consumption of a private car that drives around the earth about 2330 times. In 2017, thanks to these efforts, ION earned a CO2-neutral label for the second year in a row, and was the only Belgian project developer to do so.

"We make something that we can leave behind for future generations."
Together you can achieve more

At ION, they believe that a successful project is the result of a well-oiled machine in which several colleagues and departments have made an equal contribution. "As true professionals, we insist on meeting our agreements and deadlines. Not only towards our customers, but also towards our partners, suppliers and each other. It is only with respect and cooperation that we believe in achieving the best possible result."


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