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When you say fabrics and textiles, you say Evolution21. Since its start in 2010, the luxury brand has grown into an international player in the field of contemporary fabrics and furniture design. Imagicasa is very happy to welcome them as a partner. It is our pleasure to introduce the brand (once again) to our readers.

Evolution21 is no longer an unknown name for Imagicasa readers. Our special Design edition put the brand – and its latest showpiece, The Bubble sofa – in the spotlight, and we are very happy to be able to do the same on our website. Evolution21 was founded twelve years ago by Karine Bonjean. From an early age, she had a great passion for fabrics, which led her to a career as an interior designer. However, she soon realised that she was missing out on high quality fabrics and furniture. She was not satisfied, so she decided to create them herself: Evolution21 was born. Thanks to Bonjean's creativity and excellent eye for detail, the brand – by now a family business, as her two sons also joined the business – grew into an international player. With its high-end fabrics and contemporary furniture designs, Evolution21 made a name for itself at home and abroad. This is thanks to their distinctive approach, which combines tradition with innovation, and in which Belgian craftsmanship always plays a central role. Meanwhile, the brand offers both indoor and outdoor collections, with each piece being synonymous with a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality sectors. In the future, we will therefore confidently support Evolution21 as a partner. We are assured of the high quality and meticulous approach with which they create their fabrics and furniture pieces and with which they bring cosiness to everyone's interior. We are looking forward to putting the brand and their creations even more in the spotlight. Photography by Jente Willems


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