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Custom-made high-end interior design.”

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Ship and interior designer Elft specialises in stylish design, fully custom-made. They approach each project from two points of view: rational and emotional. Each space is used optimally in terms of function. Elft integrates all your needs and wishes into the available space.

All this requires complete customization - their specialisation. Their expertise ranges from ingenious creations to flawless assembly. Everything is done under their own management and with the best materials, which means that you are assured of superior quality. Thanks to the experienced team of craftsmen and extensive machinery, they can produce your customised work in their own workshop, to the highest standards. Your personality is reflected in an interior of Elft. It is their passion to forge your most individual preferences and emotions into a unique interior project with spirit. For Elft, your satisfaction is the measure of everything they do.

"Ingenious in its functionality and with the desired ambience, from austere and businesslike to cosy."
Interior design

For each living and working space, Elft makes a special place. Ingenious in its functionality and with the desired ambience - from austere and businesslike to cosy. These are individual rooms that fit in seamlessly with your personality, because you feeling at home is their passion.
Ship's interior

Elft turns every ship into a floating palace. They do this because they are focused on making the most of the available space and on designing tailor-made solutions - right down to the smallest nooks and crannies. Everything is realised according to your taste and style with all the luxury and comfort you desire. Always with the best materials and expertly finished. Quality first, no regrets later!
"Elft turns every ship into a floating palace."


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