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Pioneer in ageing and patinating parquet.”

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With its 'Di Legno Original' range, Di Legno is the specialist in oak floors, which have the presence and mature appearance of a noble, aged and many years old parquet. They design and make everything themselves. You won't find any copies or fakes with them. This is the key to their success and offers you the guarantee of impeccable quality.

Infinitely inspiring, endlessly beautiful

There are many things that make us feel good. Architecture is one of them. Playing with shapes, furniture, light and colours gives a space its own character. The floor gets an increasingly prominent role in that game. The exclusive patina of the ‘matured' oak flooring of Di Legno® is a decisive element in the colour scheme and atmosphere of your interior. Di Legno® floors will inspire you. You can cleverly combine colours and patterns, sizes and finishes until the result expresses your personality. The interior is given your own personal touch thanks to the possibility of having the skirting boards, stairs,... processed in the same patina. It becomes a world in which you feel really good and which everyone experiences as endlessly beautiful.
"Playing with shapes, furniture, light and colours."
Pioneer in ageing techniques

Di Legno® is considered to be the pioneer in the ageing of parquet. By continuously innovating, Di Legno® maintains its lead in terms of technique, colour and finish. With its unique production process based on natural processes, Di Legno® transforms new oak wood, originating from 100- to 200 year old oaks, into a parquet with a mature and personal character. Di Legno® only works with European and preferably French oak. This guarantees the best end result. The controlled acceleration of natural aging is the secret behind Di Legno® floors. At the same time, completely random ‘traces of use' are applied to the wood, giving each board a unique character. The result is an exclusive end product of consistent and high quality.


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