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Turning light into a full-fledged architectural component”

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Our young partnership with Dennis T’Jampens is a definite added value. The designer already has numerous beautiful projects on his record and his work is prove of a strong visual identity. Therefore, we would like to introduce our readers elaborately to this promising partner.

Dennis T’Jampens is no stranger to us. We have already written about him and some of his designs last year. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be said about the designer and manager of 'D' Architectural Concepts. Namely, Dennis T’Jampens and his business can be called upon for a broad range of projects: from new buildings and renovations to stores and country houses. In his office in Antwerp, he reveals all the possibilities and services by familiarising potential clients with diverse materials and applications. Those who want to lay their private residence in the hands of T’Jampens came to the right address for a comprehensive approach. Irrelevant of the nature of the design, there are always two priorities that Dennis T’Jampens never loses sight of. On the one hand, the designer spends an exceptional amount of attention to the light within a room. By making an exclusive light study for each project, he is able to turn light into a full-fledged architectural aspect in a unique way. On the other hand, T’Jampens does not make concessions when it comes to the purity of the material that he is using. By incorporating pure materials, a dynamic of contrasts originates and a design can turn out surprising. Next to this, the high quality ensures that the matter can serve for several decades to come. Customers of Dennis T’Jampens enjoy a personal method that completely adhere to his design style. The discipline and persistence with which the designer answers possible setbacks or obstacles make his work ethic an attractive factor. Therefore, it is the satisfaction at the end of a project that gives the T’Jampens the fulfillment he seeks. Meeting the wishes of the client is without exception the end goal. Whenever a design comes to live permanently, both the customer and executor are pleased. Even though T’Jampens has already finished a considerable number of commissions, in the future he hopes to execute numerous projects in Belgium and abroad. The partnership between Dennis T’Jampens and Imagicasa relies on a warm trust. We are convinced of the quality of his work and hope to support him to the fullest in future endeavours. Hopefully, this is the start of a long-term and lucrative collaboration.

Photography by Cafeine


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