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De Maatwerker is a company in Knokke that specialises in interior, you guessed it, made-to-measure (De Maatwerker means ‘the custom worker’ in Dutch). Under the motto ‘The details are not the details, they make the design,’ they will carry out the most detailed and personal plans so that you have an interior that suits you perfectly, tailored to your personality.

They consist of a talented team of interior architects and craftsmen led by Nick van Kranenburg. Each interior is treated individually with a design specific to the client. ‘We think and dream along with you and go to great lengths to create the interior that you feel perfectly at home in,’ says De Maatwerker. Thanks to their ten years of experience in interior design, De Maatwerker knows how to translate the wishes of clients into a realised project. They combine innovative techniques with high-quality materials.

Passion and talent are two characteristics of the team at De Maatwerker. Their interiors are not just for looking at, they are there to be used. Through ground-breaking custom work and an eye for detail, they create spaces full of character that can take a beating.

Images: ©Patricia Goijens


“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Images: ©Cafeïne


Preparation is everything

Extremely good preparation is required to create custom-made interiors. The yard or space must be measured down to the millimetre, after which exact plans are drawn up. The Maatwerker ensures that every detail is discussed so that everything is exactly as the client wants it.

Images: ©de Maatwerker


A new way of life

De Maatwerker uses new techniques in their designs. The aim of a custom-made interior is to facilitate the user's way of moving in a space. Through the combination of well executed techniques and aesthetic choices De Maatwerker creates beautiful interiors.


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