Christian Liaigre

Style sans effet de style.”

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With 30 years of experience, Christian Liaigre has built a reputation of refinement and quality. He combined modesty with elegance by respecting the design and traditions of the local culture, a clever use of space and light, his choice of materials and the love for the arts and crafts.

According to Christian Liaigre, interior design and architecture are synonymous of timelessness, tranquillity, beauty and a subtle feel of luxury. He believes comfort is defined by exclusive refinement and not by blatant opulence.
"Subdued luxury, architectural elegance, restrained aesthetics and unprecedented modernity."
His unique point of view has always been present in his personality and came to fruition when he started his design studio in 1985. A first showroom was opened in 1987 at the Rue de Varenne in Paris and was expanded worldwide with branches in London, Bangkok, Singapore, New York City and St. Barthélémy.

"Liagre searches for ultimate beauty, perfect balance, right proportions and impeccable details."
His expertise and his strive for perfection convinced many clients to trust him with the decoration of their houses. This earned his name and design studio international acclaim.

For three decades, Christian Liaigre has brought together a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen. A group of likeminded souls devoted to the conservation and preservation of creative thinking that defines Maison Liaigre.

All Images Courtesy of Christian Liaigre


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