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Interior designer Britt Thomas started her own interior studio in 2014 after graduating from the Brussels LUCA School Of Arts for Science and Art in 2010. Her interest in interior architecture grew into a passion and not much later into her profession. With each project she strives for personalised interiors, always adapted to the wishes of the client. Britt's ambition is to create an interior that is an extension of the client's lifestyle.

During an initial meeting with Britt Thomas, the project and all the client's wishes are thoroughly examined. The necessary research is then carried out and creative input is given, which is later transformed into a preliminary design. This is presented to the client by means of visual moodboards, which contribute to the final design. When the design is completely finished, the execution is discussed, plans are worked out and contractors are appointed. Thanks to a strict planning, each project is brought to a successful conclusion. The very last step is the styling of the interior, which gives the project that final touch to make it a finished whole.

'No excess, just subtle, timeless and high-end designs'

The interior designer has great respect for the context and existing elements of each residential and commercial project, whereby the new experience is fully in line with the client's expectations. Her constant search for the perfect balance between material, light, space and proportions lies at the basis of each design. As a result, all components are thoroughly studied and perfectly attuned to each other during the design process. The most appropriate choices of colours, materials and furnishings are considered in detail. Britt Thomas has the ambition to realise every project as a unique concept that offers a high-end experience. In recent years we have enjoyed her elegant total projects. Her portfolio consists of private homes, but we also see some commercial projects such as an office, shop or even restaurant. From now on, you will be able to discover many of Britt Thomas' projects via this partner page, which will help us understand her vision on interior architecture even better. Photography by Beeldcollectief


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