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BEO Architecten, operating from Sint-Niklaas, consists of a young team with a great passion for their profession. They focus on high-end single and multi-family homes, offices and hospitality projects. The high-end aspect does not only stand for the use of luxurious materials, but also for the desire to give the best of themselves in all areas and to strive for a perfect total picture. At Imagicasa, we are therefore proud to be able to introduce them as a new partner to our readers.

For BEO Architecten, everything starts with the meeting with the client. They are happy to work with any client who agrees with their vision on architecture. They listen very carefully to the client's wishes and, when there is a connection, they start designing with great enthusiasm. Their mission is to present exclusive and well-considered total designs in which architecture, interior and garden merge into one whole. In doing so, they invariably choose to collaborate with their trusted building team in order to transform their designs into a striking end result on the one hand, and to relieve the client of as much of their worries as possible on the other. In addition to their specialisation in villa construction, BEO Architecten also focuses on the construction of multi-family houses, particularly group homes and apartments. They also call it ‘multi-storey villas’, where there is room for innovative living concepts. The architectural team is firmly convinced that we will evolve in this direction in the future, since building plots is becoming increasingly scarce. The realisations of BEO Architecten can be described as warm minimalism. It is timeless architecture that is planned in harmony with the surroundings and in which functionality is linked to comfort and quality of life. The management and internal operations are also constantly being adjusted in the search for the ideal BEO DNA. Since the BEO team is constantly expanding, the construction of their own office will start soon. Because we are assured of the high quality and careful approach that BEO Architecten offers their clients, we will confidently support them as a partner in the future. Header image: Villa GP, visualisation by belly
Images 2-4: Vakantiewoning VV, photography by Annick Vernimmen
Images 5-7: Villa H, photography by Annick Vernimmen
Images 8: © BEO Architecten
Images 9-11: Villa GP, visualisations by belly
Images 12-13: © BEO Architecten


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