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Belly is an accessible, Antwerp-based company that excels in the creation of 3D visualisations of real estate and products in the making. The visualisation agency has the know-how of a large company, but the flexibility of a small one. Belly not only makes his mark with his realistic-looking photos, but also succeeds in creating the most ideal and realistic atmosphere every time.

Belly makes your dreams visible. The visualisation agency has been doing this since 2005. For customers, it is often extremely difficult to imagine a particular building, home or product. And Belly is only too happy to help its customers with that. Belly visualises an idea and creates photos that are as close to reality as possible. This way, the customer knows perfectly what a building or a product will eventually look like. Belly always strives for quality. The company makes its mark thanks to its realistic-looking photos. The creations look just real. But even better than real, because Belly creates an atmosphere. The most ideal and realistic atmosphere.

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With each project, the visualisation agency puts itself in the shoes of its customers. Every customer is different, has different needs and wishes. To effortlessly convert these wishes into a successful end result, the company can count on the talents of a dedicated team. Manager Johan Belmans is a qualified architect with a master’s degree in Computer Aided Building Design. Belly's 3D artists have backgrounds in gaming, automotive, product visualisation, photography and film. Different backgrounds, this also means a diverse team. From artistic to industrial: the ideal cross-pollination. Belly therefore effortlessly keeps its finger on the pulse in the rapidly changing world of virtual reality and 3D. But the company also has a good feel for the Belgian market. The creative team knows perfectly what is going on with consumers today and where their preferred style lies. Not only the quality of the end product is important to Belly, but also the quality of the service and the technology used. The company uses the latest technologies and does so in an honest and transparent way. Belly has the know-how of a large company, but the flexibility of a small one. Consequently, the agency adapts very easily. Last-minute changes are no problem and the Belly team is very open to feedback. Through this platform we will certainly keep our readers informed of what Belly may yet realise!

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