Timeless and sustainable is our trademark. Every garden is different, but that makes no difference to its quality.”

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Becaus NV has been a reliable partner for 45 years when it comes to the construction and maintenance of gardens and swimming pools. With a team of 25 specialists, the company realises projects from start to finish and with the greatest care and most beautiful results.

"We start with an empty canvas and fill it in as creatively as possible."
How would you describe Becaus?

"Timeless and sustainable is our trademark. Every garden is different, but that makes no difference to its quality. We always try to be innovative by starting with an empty canvas and filling it in as creatively as possible. Our designs can range from classic to very modern, depending on the wishes of the customer and the style of the home. In the meantime, we have become one of the big names in the sector and would of course like to keep that title."
What is your biggest strength?

"We offer total packages in which we monitor everything from A to Z, from measuring and planning to the completion of a project. This also means that the customer only has to address one company, which of course makes things more comfortable. In addition, all employees are specialised in a certain aspect of the production process. And last but not least, the experience that our company has built up over the years cannot be taken away from us anymore."

"Creativity, quality and reliability always come first."
What happens when a project is completed?

"With our service, we do not only limit ourselves to the design and installation phase, but we also take care of maintenance and follow-up. We usually compare a swimming pool with a car. If you don't do regular maintenance, the quality and operation of the pool will drop. So we are not only at the disposal of our customers during the process but also afterwards if they wish."


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