35 years of experience, vision and knowledge.”

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Avantgarden landscape architects is a design office developing gardens and landscapes in a rural and urban context. Avantgarden has been a partner in many garden and landscape projects: residential and office development, retail centres and sports or resort areas.

"Specialised in the development of gardens and landscapes."
The concept of living is about much more than just the building, the environment is also an important part of the appearance of the whole. Avantgarden approaches gardens as architecture in the outdoor space. A well thought-out landscaping must be well grounded in its surroundings and meet all the requirements of its users. Their aim is to always achieve a balanced environmental design.
How do you work?

"We are not only a engineering office for garden and landscape architecture but also a contractor for the realisation of public and semi-public landscape projects and private gardens. For the latter, we usually call on our own people. They do not only limit themselves to the design or execution of the gardens but will also follow them up. For larger projects, we always carry out complete studies and work with subcontractors. By combining all the experiences and expertise of our experts, we can perfectly respond to the wishes of the client."
"We respond perfectly to wishes of the client."
Are there things you attach great importance to?

"Customers always have certain conditions when it comes to their garden or project, but so do we as a company. Sustainability and low-maintenance are therefore essential to us. The ecological aspect is also an important element in which recycling plays a major role. Moreover, we always use local products, which reduces transport costs and, of course, pollution and traffic jams. In every design, special attention is paid to all these elements to achieve a beautiful whole."


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