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An emphasis on quality living.”

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Large urban development projects or smaller residential projects such as project homes, offices, multi-family homes or utility buildings, Architectenburo Berkein does it all. The team of 45 passionate and enthusiastic employees responds every day to current and future housing trends. At Berkein, the focus lies on quality living.

"We strive for a complete approach from inside to outside and vice versa."
As a multi-professional agency, Berkein offers, in addition to the pursuit of beauty in architecture, a total package including EPB studies, safety coordination and visualizations.
Architect Geert Berkein from Aalter has a predilection for contemporary architecture. All designs are functional in relation to their environment in which the sleek simplicity of the concepts is translated into a play of volumes and glass walls. However, through a well thought-out planning concept and the use of the right materials, Geert Berkein shows that minimalism does not necessarily has to be cold. The (tight) hand of Geert Berkein is expressed in both small and large projects.
"A pleasant feeling of space, opens and transparency."

Not only orientation, functionality, light and space play a prominent role, but also the intense connection with the environment receives a lot of attention. The aim is to achieve an integrated approach from the inside to the outside and vice versa.
"What we are achieving in the spatial field today remains a legacy for our children. The decisions we take must lead to the optimal use of the space taken up," says architect Berkein.

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