The starting point for their realisations is the vision of the client”

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Ar-architecten translates every dream into a good concept. The team always wants to fit each project into its surroundings in the right way and give it the right materialisation and detailing.

This young, full-service and future-oriented architectural firm was founded by Reinout Delobelle. ‘We are moving away from the traditional hierarchy of 'client-architect-executing parties’,' he tells us. Thus, the team of architects puts together a construction team with the client from the outset, in which all the executing parties also think about the detailing and the impact of their work on the architecture. In this way, the architectural firm allows all parties to achieve maximum benefit. The architectural profession is known as an 'ego job', but according to Delobelle there is no other option today than to work together. Only in this way, the founder is convinced that you can get the best out of them. Their role as architects is to be the client's confidant and to focus on designing (composing) and controlling (directing) the process. The passionate team of ar-architecten uses their impressive service to the client as the main foundation of every assignment. In short, they focus strongly on high-quality architecture and thorough detailing. By working in this way, ar-architecten profiles itself as a full-service agency. ‘We are aiming at private individuals who choose high-quality architecture for their residential project, where we can play out our creativity to the full,’ says Reinout Delobelle. In addition, sustainability is very important to them, in two areas. They do not build for twenty years, but strive for timeless architecture that survives several generations. On the other hand, the firm focuses on designs that are completely energy-neutral. According to the founder, this combination is a success story. This outspoken vision of cooperation and an ambitious view of the future is what drives Reinout Delobelle of ar-architecten in Roeselare.

Images courtesy of ar-architecten


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