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Time and again he wants to deliver an end result that perfectly parallels the residents and has no equal”

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Today we are pleased to introduce a new partner to our readers: Alexander Ponsaerts. The full name of his studio is Alexander Ponsaerts Fine Interiors and Furniture. His vision and style effortlessly match the interiors we at Imagicasa fully appreciate.

The interior designer is based in Staden, West-Flanders, and has more than enough experience in the sector to be able to steadfastly lead his team. Alexander Ponsaerts has worked as an interior architect and furniture maker for twelve years and can therefore draw on a wealth of technical knowledge. Providing clients with a timeless and stylish interior is therefore what the studio prefers to do. Therefore, what the studio loves to do the most is deliver clients a timeless and effortless interior. On top of that, the interior architect focuses on the uniqueness of each project. Since every builder has his or her own style and vision, they strive for an end result that perfectly matches the living environment of the residents. Besides the personality of his clients and their desires, Alexander Ponsaerts and his team also pay a lot of attention to the surroundings. The right choice of materials, he obtains a timeless interior that is not dependent on time or trends. In addition, great attention is paid to sightlines, walking lines and volumes that are perfectly attuned to each other. At this agency, every home gets a look that is at the same time warm and stylish. This is without exception accompanied by a personal approach that embraces the whole process from start to finish. As a client you can therefore be sure that everything is taken care of down to the finest detail and that no aspect is overlooked. Building and renovating with peace of mind, that is worth a lot. Time and again, the studio delivers projects that not only adhere to the personal taste and preferences of the client, but that are also functionally and practically well thought-out. With Alexander Ponsaerts, Imagicasa has undoubtedly gained a qualitative partner relationship. We look forward to introducing our readers to his future projects.

Images courtesy of Alexander Ponsaerts


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