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3d depoo is a young and dynamic visualisation agency dedicated to creating high-resolution images of interior and architectural projects. With a diverse range of visualisation services, they support each client's story without losing sight of quality or detail.

3d depoo originated from Architektenburo Jef Van Oevelen in Ekeren. A growing demand for 3D visualizations within the architectural firm led to the founding of 3d depoo in 2015. The company specialises in the rendering of 3D images, which can be used very broadly: from competition designs, atmospheric images of interiors and exteriors, to photorealistic visualisations fitted into the surroundings. In addition, they also offer product visualisation, for example for manufacturers of light fittings or furniture. 3D animations and Virtual Reality are also part of their services. Finally, 3d depoo can also provide visualisations of streets, squares and bridges for the city of Ghent. ‘For us, a 3D image is so much more than just making something spatially visible in an artificial way,’ we hear from architect Joël Feyaerts. ‘It is forming an image of something that does not yet exist. Therefore, sculpting the unbuilt is our slogan. With our images, we want to create a certain dynamic and thus evoke emotions. A visualisation should be able to tell a story.’ Meanwhile, the visualisation company has a very diverse clientele, both in Belgium and abroad. Project developers, architectural firms, graphic agencies, smaller construction companies, real estate offices, cities and municipalities, as well as private individuals make use of their visualisation services. The graphic images created by 3d depoo support the story their clients want to tell, the atmosphere they want to convey and highlight the qualities of the design or concept. ‘In doing so, we hold quality and detail in high regard and work with the utmost attention to materials and textures.’

Through this platform, we will certainly keep our readers informed of what 3d depoo may yet realise!

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